I used to live in Colorado. I'm hearing shit about maybe there was a arsonist (or a lot) that have been starting these fires around the state. Either way. I really hope not. But you know how people are. This pic seemed to fit the situation perfectly. I also give many thanks to the volunteers a firefighters helping fight these fires across the state!


So I'm scrolling thru the news and this article comes up about a man eating another mans face off. Apparently they shot the man six times while naked while trying to chew the face off another naked man. All I can think of is....YES A ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE! I myself dont think itll happen. But have always wanted one to happen. I guess for the average person. They would think, fuck that. I dont wanna be alive with hardly no people left on the face of the earth. But for me it's bliss. I hate people. Now dont get me wrong, I'm not a shut in. But Damnit......I just fucking hate people. I used to love going out, turning up the radio in the car i was speeding in and talking, going out to the bars, meet women, whatever. But now I manage to see how fucking stupid people really are. they're not worth talking to. I mean most of the time I'm sitting there going WTF?! So there's that. And the music, I grew up with Snoop Dogg, Warren G, 2Pac, Dr. Dre as well as LLCoolJ, Nas, Rakim, You know....Real Hip Hop. Now days I cant stand turning on the radio due to a bunch of dumb shit garbage like LiL Wayne first and foremost, Drake, Niki Minaj etc. All that music is the most garbage music ive ever heard. And it only gets worse. I've often wondered, Who do I hate more, the artists? Or the idiotic people loving this shit music so much they made em famous. Which is another reason adding to why I hate people. Also there's religion, Which needs to cease to exist. We as human beings need to throw out the whole god thing already. Its done, its overwith. It was overwith a long time ago. For hundreds of years, we fought over religion. And no technological advances occured during that time fighting over something that only exists if you have blind faith. In the last 100 years, look how far we got with technology! Nobody ever would have thought in 1900 that we'd have these little devices called phones that we can conduct business with, make money, talk to someone, surf this thing called the internet thats a very useful tool for knowledge or play. Did you ever think they thought in going to the moon was in the cards in the very near future? No! Instead of using those useful few hundred years to accept technology and advance further. we've been fighting over god. Just think how far we would be today had we used that time fighting over something we can fucking use. And religion is still prevalent today! You think we would have learned by now. But naw. That garbage and god are still around....because people are not only stupid, but weak minded. Again, another BIG reason why I just dont like people. So all of this being said plus a bunch more shit I didnt mention. I'd love for a Zombie apocalypse to happen.not only do I get to kill all the dumbass people in this world with no consequence cause well, they're not exactly human anymore anyway. But I'd be somewhat alone. Remember that movie "Legend" That movie was the shit, because he was pretty much alone, no mindless, retarded people to give you a reason to hate humanity even more. Just him, his dogg, his house, even a little tail he didnt take advantage of and lots of generators. ..................................BLISS!..................................

Religion and God

I asked a bunch of questions a long time ago pertaining to God. I am now Agnostic. Following a bunch of people believing in one God because a book told them its true and also believing that if it wasn't for him, we wouldn't exist seems ignorant. When you start looking into science to be able to explain our world, you start seeing that science today makes a good portion of the bible seem like exaggerated claims. The book of Genesis for example. Religious people seem to have their blind faith in order for them to be able to actually believe all these claims that God made the cosmos, the earth and us among *other things. It's this blind faith that allows them to pass off any kind of logical sense or rational thought about their "God". I'm not trying to preach to you. Nor am I trying to put my beliefs on you or anybody else. Just throwing out some food for thought. One could twist words into anything to make their point of view work, but lets cut the shit, the bible directs you to think were the only ones "God" made, if it wasn't for God, we wouldn't be here. Our solar system is just one in the Milky Way. There's an estimated 100-400 billion stars in our own galaxy each with their own solar system with a potential planet that may sustain life. That's just within our own Milky Way. *1 Galaxy* That being said about just *1* galaxy, there's an estimated 500 Billion+ of these galaxy's in the universe. Each galaxy with billions of stars, each star with it's own solar system, each solar system with its own planets and each planet that could quite possibly sustain life. Knowing and truly understanding and wrapping your head around this fact, it is completely arrogant and ignorant to actually believe that were the only ones and that were only here because God got a hair up his ass one day, felt frisky and decided to make us and poof here we are. Again, this is all my opinion and am no way trying to shove this down you or anybody's throat. But I hear a ton of religious people completely pass any of these facts, twisting their words so it somehow pertains to some bible passage, losing shit in translation ever so convieniently. These same religious people and their blind faith also truly believe that their not hypocrites, but more importantly, that their not ignorant. They believe in themselves as being rational, understanding, humble and open minded individuals. In fact most of them are quite the contrary. (There are exceptions, but not many). They're typically very close minded, irrational, illogical, prideful, close minded people with no humility <-(even though they teach it). Its my belief that until you actually understand all sides of a situation, you can't accurately come up with a educated conclusion. That being said, religious people tend to portray they understand science, and are okay with it until that science could possibly raise questions that might debunk God, and some teachings of the Bible, how can these people really believe their not ignorant, "blindly" denying facts. I guess blind faith makes ignorance bliss. In the end though these are merely my thoughts and to each their own. I understand that religion is here whether or not God exists, for the betterment of man. I also understand that the bible has many great teachings, passed off wisdom and understanding from man thru the ages. But human beings have fought for centuries, no matter what religion you are, your religions history has had its own bloodbath in the name of childishly trying to prove, "Mines right yours is wrong" within our history. We don't know how to really utilize these tools without diving into war. It is not until weighing all of this out and much more that in my honest opinion, religion needs to cease to exist. Again, these are my own thoughts and my own opinion. I understand that this picture I'm posting with this may seem ignorant in itself, sadly this picture is the solid truth and what we as human beings have turned religion into.

Questions No One Knows the Answers to (Full Version)

I came across this gem the other day. Maybe its just me but I get into this kind of stuff! I love Ted talks!

Project Google Glass

So in my opinion, these are just badass! They are a pair of glasses from Google that basically act as a visual smart phone. I'm assuming that you most definitely need to put these on your mobile plan. You can make phone calls, real time video calls, take pictures, call and get directions. And that's only a few hing you can do. Not only that they look badass! Just looking at the picture of them you know the future came seriously early. to be honest Its really not that different from a smart phone. It's really just a visual voice activated smart phone that looks really futuristic and cool. But being the kinda guy that appreciates technology....I must have these!

Woman shocks viewers with swinging baby yoga video

Having a few kids of my own its hard to believe that anyone would do this to their baby. This video was taped years ago and was recently released. All "In Russia" jokes aside, some people are just plain fuckin stupid. Baby's do not need yoga. Just because you love yoga doesn't mean you need to make a damn baby yoga. The husband released this video recently, and what I'm wondering is why the hell he didn't take take the baby and run. That woman is an idiot. Also, just because this is on youtube, please don't actually do this crap.

Mummified Child Sacrifice

I came across this picture of what looks to be a frozen little girl. I had to check it out. This remarkably well preserved child is called the “Llullaillaco Maiden”. She was a ritualistic sacrifice for the Inca Empire. Apparently she was chosen among others, one year before her demise. After they were chosen they were fed very well, a ritualistic diet one might say, to help her gain weight. Apparently gods like a little more cushion. She was then drugged and left on a shrine at Volcano Llullaillaco to die from exposure. There she sat for 500 Years undisturbed. I especially love how everything is so well put together. It's amazing how well preserved the little girl is. In the video you can actually see single strands of hair. She looks as if she died a week ago, not 500 years!

Fort Collins police officer arrest man 11/19/2011

So I was surfing around youtube looking at more police brutalities and ended up finding another video of Fort Collins police officers going overboard yet again. In a mistaken identity a man was pepper sprayed, and subdued by a number of officers. I do wonder why they needed so many officers for a man whom wasn't resisting arrest. Yes maybe screaming rather loudly, but not resisting. It's amazing what police officers are aloud to get away with. I know I will always have my cell phone out, and ready to record with any police interaction I may come in contact with. Although it doesn't seem to be brutality it seems very excessive. Let me know your thoughts.

More on officer caught pushing a citizen

The video I posted on Sunday (showing the  24-year-old Matt Hefferon being shoved by officer Dan Calahan, leading to his arrest officer by officer Kyle Bendzsa), has sparked an internal affairs investigation. At the press conference earlier this week Fort Collins Police Chief John Hutto stated that officers had been called to old town Fort Collins at 1:45 a.m. by a pedi-cab taxi operator, who had accused  Matt Hefferon and his friends, Joshua Cullip, and Jarvis Gullatt of damaging his bike.

Matt Hefferon said he and two friends (Joshua Cullip, and Jarvis Gullet) were drinking at the Wall Street bar on Linden Street and decided to take a pedi-cab from Old Town Square to their car. He said they all jumped on the two-seat trike and it flipped, breaking a rear reflector. Hefferon said the officers told him he could either pay for the damage on the spot, or receive a ticket.
Hefferon said he was trying to explain that he wasn't able pay right away because his ATM card wasn't working. Hefferon also said that when Calahan shoved him, in the video, Calahan can be heard telling Hefferon to step back.
"I was in no position to be any threat," Hefferon said. "I wasn't in his face to begin with. As I'm sitting there explaining it to him, not even close to him, he tells me to get back. I step back and fold my arms and stare at him. That's when he punches me in the chest and tells me to get back. They keep telling me I'm resisting arrest."
He added: "I just don't feel like that's the right thing for an officer to do."

Joshua Cullip who had video taped part of the incident after he was given back his ID from the officers, told 7News: “What happened is we asked the guy for a ride, as we were loading up on his bike, it ended up tipping back because we had too much weight on it, and breaking the brackets on his reflector.”
Heffron is facing charges of criminal mischief and obstructing a peace officer. Cullip was charged with interference and Gullatt was charged with obstructing a peace officer. 

While Police Chief John Hutto said he can’t yet talk publicly about the March 25 incident caught on video, he said he is comfortable with what he called a “pretty remarkably low” level of force being used by his officers. Hutto has launched an internal investigation of the video showing officer Dan Calahan shoving Matt Hefferan, who then was cited for criminal mischief and obstructing in connection with the incident.
“I think our officers are very restrained and use force appropriately,” Hutto said.
Hutto said the video “raises questions” about the interaction between Calahan and Hefferan. But he said the vast majority of interactions between police and the public are peaceful. He said those interactions rarely get attention.
The growth of high-quality video recorders is starting to change the way police investigate crimes and complaints.
Several Fort Collins police officers wear mobile recorders to document their interactions with the public in Old Town Fort Collins, and police Chief John Hutto said he is a big fan of having video of police officers interacting with the public because it often helps clear up "he-said, she-said" complaints.
Hutto said it didn't appear the officers recorded in the Saturday incident were wearing video recorders, and called on the public to submit additional video of the incident. "I always welcome video," Hutto said. "I think it helps. It never tells the whole story."


Freedom of speech

Freedom of speech in the United States is protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and by many state constitutions and state and federal laws. The freedom is not absolute; the Supreme Court of the United States has recognized several categories of speech that are excluded from the freedom of speech, and it has recognized that governments may enact reasonable time, place, or manner restrictions on speech.
Criticism of the government and advocacy of unpopular ideas that people may find distasteful or against public policy, such as racism, sexism, and other hate speech are almost always permitted. There are exceptions to these general protections, including the Miller test for obscenity, child pornography laws, speech that incites imminent lawless action, and regulation of commercial speech such as advertising. Within these limited areas, other limitations on free speech balance rights to free speech and other rights, such as rights for authors and inventors over their works and discoveries (copyright and patent), protection from imminent or potential violence against particular persons (restrictions on fighting words), or the use of untruths to harm others (slander). Distinctions are often made between speech and other acts which may have symbolic significance.
Despite the exceptions, the legal protections of the First Amendment are some of the broadest of any industrialized nation, and remain a critical, and occasionally controversial, component of American jurisprudence.
Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Freedom_of_speech_in_the_United_States

Officer caught on video pushing a citizen.

There's some people whom would watch this video and believe there was no wrongful misconduct. They may believe the officer was protecting his partner and would ask questions later. I know police officers have to take certain measures to protect themselves, and their partners. But that doesn't look like the case in this video shot last night. And yes I know, your might say, well what was the whole story? There's got to be some reason those officers were on high alert like that! But, in my opinion,
whatever the situation at hand before becomes irrelevant after the cop pushes the guy away. They didn't seem like they were trying to arrest these particular individuals. The guy talking to the cop before the push looks like he had been there for quite awhile talking to the cop with his arms folded when the push took place. Now I could care less about the cop pushing him. After the officer pushed him away which seems a bit drastic, he went back to writing in his journal immediately. That to me doesn't warrant the other officer to arrest him thereafter in my opinion. But he does.......Whats your take on it?
Here's the link to the video courtesy of Josh Cullip. 



So earlier as I was saying, I love the Alienware M17x I just picked up. Not only is it very appealing to the eye but it's versatility is amazing. You can swap out the 2 GPU's it has room for, either crossfire or SLI, your choice. Throw a Terabyte HD in there with a SSD. Overall you can throw a shit ton parts in different variations in this machine. Ive never seen that from just a laptop. They even make it easy to upgrade your screen! It's about 11.8 pounds which makes the machine pretty heavy. However It does fall in the desktop replacement category. With dual slots for GPU's you can hook the laptop up to a big ass screen and play any game as if you had a desktop with all the fixin's on your floor with no problem. Then take it with you on the go at a moments notice. I got mine for pretty cheap off of a friend. Typically they go for around $1500.00 with standard specs. But I would check out craigslist.com and ebay before buying this machine from Dell. Youll get it for a lot cheaper than you would from dell, and have money left over for upgrades!

2Pac vs. B.I.G.

I've been wanting to touch on this subject for quite awhile now. Mostly because music these days is just bad. Especially Rap. I'm not sure when or why the industry went bad but, it most definitely is, whether your talking about Rock, Rap, Dance, Pop, Whatever! 2Pac and Biggie however were the last mainstream rappers that actually could. And there's been the rivalry involving both as too who's the better rapper. It's all about who's better apparently. I personally love both of them. Equally! Why sit there and bicker about the East Coast/West Coast that was going on back then. The point is that lyrically they both were probably two of the most talented to this day. I see all these people diggin the Drake's and The LiL Wayne's of today. And upon listening to any of them, they suck! There's no talent what so ever. LL Cool J can Rap better than any of today's artists on mainstream radio any day of the week. Notorious B.I.G. could rap about what you had on, your shirt, shoe laces, belt and make it sound like it was meant to be put together to top billboard charts. You don't find that in any artists today. 2Pac lyrically didn't seem to freestyle as much as biggie. He wrote a lot and almost all of his tracks were carefully calculated to relate to his past and to raise awareness within communities all over the nation is not world. There was a lot of value and emotion within 2Pac's lyrics. No one can deny that! It's just too bad that with the like's of today's mainstream rap artists, the standard of rap fell to well below retarded. So who wins the battle in your opinion?


So, Ive recently encountered having to go against my will and buy a Alienware laptop. Personally I love computers. One thing I love to do is piece computers together. Alienware seems to put some pretty decent computers together complete with liquid cooling in some cases then mark up the price....way up! Typically you can buy the same components with a different computer case, even an expensive case upwards of $200.00 And still have a way cheaper computer comparable to the same Alienware for about $500.00 to a $1000.00 bucks more. Kinda seems like your paying for a name to me *Ahem Apple! I will say one thing tho. The MX series of their laptops are very versatile. And seems to be the only thing they offer that seems to make sense for the money. Weill talk about that a little more later though. So how do you feel about Alienware products? Have you ever bought one? If so how was price to performance?

Death Row

Death Row was undoubtedly one of the best record labels in it's time and now! Nowadays theirs not one label that comes to mind within the mainstream that even comes close, yes people unfortunately that awesome Rap just doesn't exist anymore. And if you disagree with me than your part of the problem as to why Rap doesn't exist! If you want to hear real rap you have to listen to underground! It's a must. Get on the YouTube's and browse underground artists! As far as Death Row Records, the music industry in general would have went without, should these guys never never been signed! Not only that (yes I know it's bad) but these guys were the last representation of mob like organized crime we will probably ever encounter in our lifetimes since Al Capone era back in the day! Suge Knight, 2Pac, Dr Dre, Snoop Dogg, Warren G and Nate Dogg to say the least actually rapped about what they were "Really" doing. None, absolutely none of any rappers really rap about anything remotely accurate to their general daily lives or anything they have ever been thru!! I mean that *Ahem "LiL Wayne"


To be perfectly honest I love MW2, but MW3 isn't that far off. They changed MW3 up a bit from MW2, but for the most part I love it. One thing I love is the rivalry between the C.O.D. Series and the Battlefield series. Well, with these two particular games, MW3 and BF3 I do have to say that I love aspects of both of them. However MW3 really stands out in my opinion. I have played both so let me break it down for you, in my own opinion of course! Between the both, MW3 is the run and gun game. Your wins depend on how quick you are to the draw, and how accurate you are. Its the kind of game I think gamers should go for. Because its just fun to be quicker than your opponent, but more importantly! It's fun to hear how pissed off they get because when your just that much faster and accurate than they are, they may get you once or twice, but they know who the best is. to be honest about it I think that's what video gaming is all about!! Now BF3 has very impressive graphics, but from what Ive played, that's as far as it goes. Its graphics are great sure.....but the game seems to be based on, and yes ill give it to you BF3 fanboys out there (Real Life Tactical) gameplay. Now I'm not saying that MW3 doesn't have aspects of tactical real gameplay. But BF3, being tactical means that a bunch of kids camp. And givin the good graphics and the huge maps....BF3 is a camping gamers paradise! And that's exactly what mostly all the multiplayer maps are all about. A bunch of kids camping with snipers, perfectly happy sitting in a bush for the duration of the match because apparently in the real world it physically hurts to die. I would rather play a game where I test my reflexes and hand/eye coordination (like games should be) Than play a game of hide and seek checkers.