So, Ive recently encountered having to go against my will and buy a Alienware laptop. Personally I love computers. One thing I love to do is piece computers together. Alienware seems to put some pretty decent computers together complete with liquid cooling in some cases then mark up the price....way up! Typically you can buy the same components with a different computer case, even an expensive case upwards of $200.00 And still have a way cheaper computer comparable to the same Alienware for about $500.00 to a $1000.00 bucks more. Kinda seems like your paying for a name to me *Ahem Apple! I will say one thing tho. The MX series of their laptops are very versatile. And seems to be the only thing they offer that seems to make sense for the money. Weill talk about that a little more later though. So how do you feel about Alienware products? Have you ever bought one? If so how was price to performance?

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  1. own 2

    M11x R2 and a brand new M17x R4

    love them both

  2. this is nice how much is ur mum for th enight :) x