Project Google Glass

So in my opinion, these are just badass! They are a pair of glasses from Google that basically act as a visual smart phone. I'm assuming that you most definitely need to put these on your mobile plan. You can make phone calls, real time video calls, take pictures, call and get directions. And that's only a few hing you can do. Not only that they look badass! Just looking at the picture of them you know the future came seriously early. to be honest Its really not that different from a smart phone. It's really just a visual voice activated smart phone that looks really futuristic and cool. But being the kinda guy that appreciates technology....I must have these!

Woman shocks viewers with swinging baby yoga video

Having a few kids of my own its hard to believe that anyone would do this to their baby. This video was taped years ago and was recently released. All "In Russia" jokes aside, some people are just plain fuckin stupid. Baby's do not need yoga. Just because you love yoga doesn't mean you need to make a damn baby yoga. The husband released this video recently, and what I'm wondering is why the hell he didn't take take the baby and run. That woman is an idiot. Also, just because this is on youtube, please don't actually do this crap.

Mummified Child Sacrifice

I came across this picture of what looks to be a frozen little girl. I had to check it out. This remarkably well preserved child is called the “Llullaillaco Maiden”. She was a ritualistic sacrifice for the Inca Empire. Apparently she was chosen among others, one year before her demise. After they were chosen they were fed very well, a ritualistic diet one might say, to help her gain weight. Apparently gods like a little more cushion. She was then drugged and left on a shrine at Volcano Llullaillaco to die from exposure. There she sat for 500 Years undisturbed. I especially love how everything is so well put together. It's amazing how well preserved the little girl is. In the video you can actually see single strands of hair. She looks as if she died a week ago, not 500 years!