So earlier as I was saying, I love the Alienware M17x I just picked up. Not only is it very appealing to the eye but it's versatility is amazing. You can swap out the 2 GPU's it has room for, either crossfire or SLI, your choice. Throw a Terabyte HD in there with a SSD. Overall you can throw a shit ton parts in different variations in this machine. Ive never seen that from just a laptop. They even make it easy to upgrade your screen! It's about 11.8 pounds which makes the machine pretty heavy. However It does fall in the desktop replacement category. With dual slots for GPU's you can hook the laptop up to a big ass screen and play any game as if you had a desktop with all the fixin's on your floor with no problem. Then take it with you on the go at a moments notice. I got mine for pretty cheap off of a friend. Typically they go for around $1500.00 with standard specs. But I would check out craigslist.com and ebay before buying this machine from Dell. Youll get it for a lot cheaper than you would from dell, and have money left over for upgrades!

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