2Pac vs. B.I.G.

I've been wanting to touch on this subject for quite awhile now. Mostly because music these days is just bad. Especially Rap. I'm not sure when or why the industry went bad but, it most definitely is, whether your talking about Rock, Rap, Dance, Pop, Whatever! 2Pac and Biggie however were the last mainstream rappers that actually could. And there's been the rivalry involving both as too who's the better rapper. It's all about who's better apparently. I personally love both of them. Equally! Why sit there and bicker about the East Coast/West Coast that was going on back then. The point is that lyrically they both were probably two of the most talented to this day. I see all these people diggin the Drake's and The LiL Wayne's of today. And upon listening to any of them, they suck! There's no talent what so ever. LL Cool J can Rap better than any of today's artists on mainstream radio any day of the week. Notorious B.I.G. could rap about what you had on, your shirt, shoe laces, belt and make it sound like it was meant to be put together to top billboard charts. You don't find that in any artists today. 2Pac lyrically didn't seem to freestyle as much as biggie. He wrote a lot and almost all of his tracks were carefully calculated to relate to his past and to raise awareness within communities all over the nation is not world. There was a lot of value and emotion within 2Pac's lyrics. No one can deny that! It's just too bad that with the like's of today's mainstream rap artists, the standard of rap fell to well below retarded. So who wins the battle in your opinion?

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  1. 2pac is still out their he coming back baby

  2. 2pac fans we are real mutherfucking soldiers fuck eastcoast westcoast 4 life