Religion and God

I asked a bunch of questions a long time ago pertaining to God. I am now Agnostic. Following a bunch of people believing in one God because a book told them its true and also believing that if it wasn't for him, we wouldn't exist seems ignorant. When you start looking into science to be able to explain our world, you start seeing that science today makes a good portion of the bible seem like exaggerated claims. The book of Genesis for example. Religious people seem to have their blind faith in order for them to be able to actually believe all these claims that God made the cosmos, the earth and us among *other things. It's this blind faith that allows them to pass off any kind of logical sense or rational thought about their "God". I'm not trying to preach to you. Nor am I trying to put my beliefs on you or anybody else. Just throwing out some food for thought. One could twist words into anything to make their point of view work, but lets cut the shit, the bible directs you to think were the only ones "God" made, if it wasn't for God, we wouldn't be here. Our solar system is just one in the Milky Way. There's an estimated 100-400 billion stars in our own galaxy each with their own solar system with a potential planet that may sustain life. That's just within our own Milky Way. *1 Galaxy* That being said about just *1* galaxy, there's an estimated 500 Billion+ of these galaxy's in the universe. Each galaxy with billions of stars, each star with it's own solar system, each solar system with its own planets and each planet that could quite possibly sustain life. Knowing and truly understanding and wrapping your head around this fact, it is completely arrogant and ignorant to actually believe that were the only ones and that were only here because God got a hair up his ass one day, felt frisky and decided to make us and poof here we are. Again, this is all my opinion and am no way trying to shove this down you or anybody's throat. But I hear a ton of religious people completely pass any of these facts, twisting their words so it somehow pertains to some bible passage, losing shit in translation ever so convieniently. These same religious people and their blind faith also truly believe that their not hypocrites, but more importantly, that their not ignorant. They believe in themselves as being rational, understanding, humble and open minded individuals. In fact most of them are quite the contrary. (There are exceptions, but not many). They're typically very close minded, irrational, illogical, prideful, close minded people with no humility <-(even though they teach it). Its my belief that until you actually understand all sides of a situation, you can't accurately come up with a educated conclusion. That being said, religious people tend to portray they understand science, and are okay with it until that science could possibly raise questions that might debunk God, and some teachings of the Bible, how can these people really believe their not ignorant, "blindly" denying facts. I guess blind faith makes ignorance bliss. In the end though these are merely my thoughts and to each their own. I understand that religion is here whether or not God exists, for the betterment of man. I also understand that the bible has many great teachings, passed off wisdom and understanding from man thru the ages. But human beings have fought for centuries, no matter what religion you are, your religions history has had its own bloodbath in the name of childishly trying to prove, "Mines right yours is wrong" within our history. We don't know how to really utilize these tools without diving into war. It is not until weighing all of this out and much more that in my honest opinion, religion needs to cease to exist. Again, these are my own thoughts and my own opinion. I understand that this picture I'm posting with this may seem ignorant in itself, sadly this picture is the solid truth and what we as human beings have turned religion into.

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