So I'm scrolling thru the news and this article comes up about a man eating another mans face off. Apparently they shot the man six times while naked while trying to chew the face off another naked man. All I can think of is....YES A ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE! I myself dont think itll happen. But have always wanted one to happen. I guess for the average person. They would think, fuck that. I dont wanna be alive with hardly no people left on the face of the earth. But for me it's bliss. I hate people. Now dont get me wrong, I'm not a shut in. But Damnit......I just fucking hate people. I used to love going out, turning up the radio in the car i was speeding in and talking, going out to the bars, meet women, whatever. But now I manage to see how fucking stupid people really are. they're not worth talking to. I mean most of the time I'm sitting there going WTF?! So there's that. And the music, I grew up with Snoop Dogg, Warren G, 2Pac, Dr. Dre as well as LLCoolJ, Nas, Rakim, You know....Real Hip Hop. Now days I cant stand turning on the radio due to a bunch of dumb shit garbage like LiL Wayne first and foremost, Drake, Niki Minaj etc. All that music is the most garbage music ive ever heard. And it only gets worse. I've often wondered, Who do I hate more, the artists? Or the idiotic people loving this shit music so much they made em famous. Which is another reason adding to why I hate people. Also there's religion, Which needs to cease to exist. We as human beings need to throw out the whole god thing already. Its done, its overwith. It was overwith a long time ago. For hundreds of years, we fought over religion. And no technological advances occured during that time fighting over something that only exists if you have blind faith. In the last 100 years, look how far we got with technology! Nobody ever would have thought in 1900 that we'd have these little devices called phones that we can conduct business with, make money, talk to someone, surf this thing called the internet thats a very useful tool for knowledge or play. Did you ever think they thought in going to the moon was in the cards in the very near future? No! Instead of using those useful few hundred years to accept technology and advance further. we've been fighting over god. Just think how far we would be today had we used that time fighting over something we can fucking use. And religion is still prevalent today! You think we would have learned by now. But naw. That garbage and god are still around....because people are not only stupid, but weak minded. Again, another BIG reason why I just dont like people. So all of this being said plus a bunch more shit I didnt mention. I'd love for a Zombie apocalypse to happen.not only do I get to kill all the dumbass people in this world with no consequence cause well, they're not exactly human anymore anyway. But I'd be somewhat alone. Remember that movie "Legend" That movie was the shit, because he was pretty much alone, no mindless, retarded people to give you a reason to hate humanity even more. Just him, his dogg, his house, even a little tail he didnt take advantage of and lots of generators. ..................................BLISS!..................................

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